Business Succession Planning

You have spent a lifetime building a successful business. As you look ahead at your retirement and the divestiture of your company, do you want the final years of your career to end in a slowdown or decline? Or would you prefer to exit on a high note – making thoughtful provisions for your clients, employees and family; retiring on your own terms; preserving the value of your business; and continuing your company’s legacy for generations to come?

Although the choice may be obvious, the solution can be elusive. What most business owners don’t realize is that handing over the baton to a new owner, a key employee, or family member is a process, rather than a single event. And the more time allotted for planning, the better the outcome will be, particularly with regard to minimizing the tax consequences of transferring business ownership.

A business succession plan can maximize your business’s value and secure your own financial future when the time comes to sell, transfer or wrap things up. When planned properly, your transition should be smooth both emotionally and financially, not just for you and your family, but your employees and your successor as well.

Professional Guidance for your Journey

As specialists in guiding business owners through the journey of succession planning, Smith-Kastner Wealth Management serves as your financial advocate to assure that your experience is as simple and smooth as possible.

In addition to offering you solutions that range from estate and tax planning to business advisory and wealth management, as well as looking after all aspects of the sale of your business, Smith-Kastner serves as your central facilitator to ensure that all necessary details are properly coordinated with your other advisors, including your accountant and attorney.

Helping You Achieve Your Goals on Many Levels

We know that your life and your life’s work are inextricably linked. So we take the time to gain an in-depth understanding of your personal, family and business goals, as well as the psychological factors and emotional hurdles that come into play. This way, we can help you find solutions and resolutions that accommodate all of your stakeholders’ needs.

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