Qualified Employee Retirement Plans

Our Approach

With many years of experience in corporate retirement plans, our role is to serve as your company’s advocate – helping you connect your goals with the resources you need to accomplish them.

We offer comprehensive services for a variety of defined contribution plans, including 401(k) Plans, Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), Profit Sharing or Stock Bonus Plans, 403(b) Plans, and Simplified Employee Pension Plans (SEPs)

Our approach is based on a business model supported by three core pillars: Simplicity, Focus and Balance.

1. Simplicity

We do the Work for You

  • Evaluate your current retirement plan, a process that includes identifying places where you may be paying hidden and unnecessary fees
  • Vendor benchmarking
  • Maximize tax benefits
  • Protect you and your company’s fiduciaries from unnecessary litigation
  • Write a Request for Proposal (RFP) and analyze proposals to make sure you obtain the best solution
  • Monitor your plan investments
  • Educate and motivate your employees to participate

2. Focus

Results, Not Procedures

  • Think of us as one of your employees — one who just doesn’t happen to have an office on site.
  • Our expertise is in helping you get the results you want, and helping you understand the complex rules and regulations.
  • We sit on your side of the negotiating table to find the best retirement plan solution for your company.
  • Once your plan is implemented, we monitor it regularly to make sure it continues to meet your company’s goals over time.
  • That leaves you free to focus on what you do best: running your business.

3. Balance

Minimize Costs, Maximize Value

  • Like many business owners, you are likely concerned about plan costs.
  • Often, we are able to uncover places where you are paying unnecessary expenses and use that money to reduce your plan’s future expenses and cover other plan fees.
  • Our Retirement Plan Diagnostic is conducted at the outset of our relationship and then, on a regular basis, to determine if there are opportunities for cost savings or program enhancements. This allows us to identify strategies and elements that may have been overlooked or not kept current.

Focused Solutions

Part of our value to you is our capability to deliver significant resources with focused solutions based on your company’s needs.

Through our years of experience working with corporate retirement plans, we have acquired a broad-based knowledge of pricing and plan providers across multiple platforms.

This enables us to offer a comprehensive suite of services and allows us to guide you in making smart, objective decisions in a wide range of areas, including:


• Participant-level record keeping/accounting
• Employee and employer reports
• Tracking investment allocations/changes and contribution changes


• Services that enhance plan efficiency, productivity, understanding and value
• State-of-the-art technology
• Web-based participant investment tools
• Web-based employer tools


• Materials describing plan design and investing
• Enrollment kits
• Payroll stuffers, posters, memos
• Newsletters


• Plan document
• Summary plan description
• Annual 5500 and pertinent schedules
• ERISA Plan audit (if applicable)
• Discrimination testing


• All available investment offerings including cash, income, hybrid and equity investments
• Open architecture


• Hard dollar fees (that are a specific amount) – paid by the employer or employees, including participant record keeping, compliance, loan administration, hardship and distribution fees

• Soft dollar fees (that are a specific percentage) – generally paid by employees for investment management expenses and to subsidize some or all of the administrative fees

Fiduciary Guidance

CFOs, CEOs, Presidents and other fiduciaries have personal liability for assets in the company’s retirement plan. The following chart provides an example of fiduciary considerations required of plan sponsors by two ERISA regulations passed in 2013. Additional regulations are currently being considered by Federal legislators.

To help you comply with these and other ERISA rules, we provide fiduciary guidance and tools to help you reduce your exposure to fiduciary liability.

ERISA 408(b)(2) ERISA 404(a)(5)
Fiduciary Duties Protection for Participant Investment Decisions
Investment Policy Statement (IPS) Broad range of Investment Options
Quantitative & Qualitative Fund Analysis Sufficient Investment Information and Education
Prudently Select Investments Description of Fees and Expenses
Consistently Implement Results 404(a)(5) Policy Statement and Employee Notice
Independently Monitor Investments Copy of Prospectus
Defray Reasonable Expenses Description of Investment Alternatives and Funds
Follow Plan Document Voting and Tender Rights (if applicable)

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